Maltese and Mini Australian Labradoodles available now

How we care for our Moodle studs

We’ve taken great lengths to ensure the legitimacy of our male studs. Moodles To Love only breed with DNA-tested Moodle studs and Poodle studs. We also ensure they undergo a proper vet check before becoming available to breed.
As an ethical breeder, we take great care of our Moodle studs by keeping them comfortable and happy in a family environment. Our studs stay active and healthy through regular exercise, plus we only feed them the best quality food to keep them strong, agile, and ready for breeding.

Why breed Moodles

Many Australians adopt a pup bred from a Moodle or Poodle stud because they are passionate about owning a purebred breed. Breeding with DNA-tested studs can also eradicate undesirable traits or hereditary diseases, which can give owners added peace of mind.

Adopting a Moodle stud with Moodles To Love

From picturing long walks in the park to dreaming about cuddling up on the couch, there’s no better feeling than the drive home after picking up your new puppy. Adopting a new puppy is a big decision that brings on a lot of responsibility and considerations, so you want to ensure you’re selecting the right breeder for your new addition. Moodles To Love has extensive experience breeding our Moodles, Groodles and Labradoodles. We are dog fanatics, passionate about giving families across the country the joy of a new four-legged friend. Moodles To Love prides itself on ethical practices and provides a loving family environment to all our puppies. First timer? No worries! We understand how nerve-wracking it can be to adopt a new puppy. From researching the best food to finding the right size bed, there’s a lot to consider! Moodles To Love makes the transition easy and supplies a puppy pack to all our owners, which includes all their essentials for those first few weeks.

Find your furever friend with Moodles To Love

At Moodles to love, we have a holistic approach to breeding, including the science of DNA, diet, supplements, training, and ongoing telephone support backed by a passionate and friendly team obsessed with puppies! You’ll surely fall in love with your new companion and family member — browse our available puppies to take one home today!

Photo GAllery

How can you say no to a face like that? Check out some of our happy and healthy Moodles, Pure-bred Maltese Terriers and Toy Poodles puppies.



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